YouTube TV Price Hike

Email from YouTube TV detailing $14.99/month price increase

Yet another YouTube TV price hike.

I’ve been using YouTube TV since (nearly) its inception, back in September 2017. It cost $35/month and included the core features it includes today: cloud DVR with no storage limits, apps for a variety of platforms, and all the channels I watch.

Back in April 2019, I received an email similar to the one from earlier today. It let me know they were adding more channels to their offering—Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend—and I’d now be billed $49.99 per month.

Shortly after that price increase, I canceled YouTube TV and tried out Spectrum TV Choice. They let you select the ten channels you’d like to watch. The theory is that you’re only paying for the channels you watch. Although the advertised price was $25/month, Spectrum’s various fees pushed it closer to $40. Although the video quality and channel offering were reasonably good, their app’s UI was too aggravating to deal with – it wasn’t worth it for me.

After running out of things to watch on YouTube earlier this year while quarantined, I signed back up for YouTube TV. (Turns out I’m consistently bad at quitting things.) At $49.99 per month it was the most I was comfortable paying for the small number of channels I watch. At $64.99, canceling was a no-brainer.


Chipotle peppers are just smoked jalapeños

Cramped NYC apartment kitchen
Countertop space is at a serious premium in my cramped NYC apartment’s kitchen.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve spent (marginally) more time making my own meals. This led me towards the magic of rice cookers, and I started looking into potential candidates. Given the space constraints of my apartment, it was important that the rice cooker do more than just cook rice. As a multi-use gadget, the Instant Pot fit the bill. As part of my pre-purchase review, I started watching a bunch of review videos. In one of those, I noticed a reviewer adding chipotle peppers to a dish – and it looked delicious!

… this led me down a path of reading stuff on Wikipedia, where I made a (for me) stunning discovery: chipotle peppers are just smokedjalapeños.

I’ve spent the first 28 years of my life assuming that chipotles were a mystical variety of pepper, magically imbued with a smokey flavor. Nope.

Moments after learning this, I promptly purchased nearly ten cans worth of peppers from the local Target. I love jalapeños, and have never given chipotles a serious try. My first Instant Pot dish will incorporate chipotles.

side note: my attempt to flee Facebook hasn’t worked out as planned.


Fleeing Facebook

After recent events, and after some inspirational conversations at WordCamp for Publishers: Chicago, I’ve decided to ditch Facebook. I’ll start by creating posts/updates on my own blog. I’ve also removed Facebook from my About page.

Excited to test out Gutenberg, in a not-work context:


I’ll cross-post these updates to Facebook for a while, just so I’m not talking to myself. 🙂