Fleeing Facebook

After recent events, and after some inspirational conversations at WordCamp for Publishers: Chicago, I’ve decided to ditch Facebook. I’ll start by creating posts/updates on my own blog. I’ve also removed Facebook from my About page.

Excited to test out Gutenberg, in a not-work context:


I’ll cross-post these updates to Facebook for a while, just so I’m not talking to myself. 🙂


Moved from DreamHost to Google Compute Engine

Moved this blog from DreamHost’s VPS offering to Google Compute Engine.

I’ll confidently say that most people would be better off on DreamHost’s offering, since it’s significantly simpler to use. They even offer 1-click install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. In comparison, you’ll be diving into the SSH terminal if you try making basic changes on Compute Engine. It’s worth noting that Compute Engine offers unmatched scalability, reliability, and power at an unbeatable price point. For those who like tinkering, Google has a free tier/trial here.

This site is running on the Bitnami WordPress Stack in an f1-micro machine type.

edit 06/05/2017: opted to switch from the Bitnami stack to ServerPilot (referral link) so I could easily host several WordPress sites from one Compute Engine instance, which is more cost-effective than having an instance for each site. Temporarily upgraded from the f1-micro (0.2 vCPU & 0.6 GB RAM) to a more durable 2 vCPUs & 4.75 GB RAM, and will work my way down to a rightsized amount of resources.