Chipotle peppers are just smoked jalapeños

Cramped NYC apartment kitchen
Countertop space is at a serious premium in my cramped NYC apartment’s kitchen.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve spent (marginally) more time making my own meals. This led me towards the magic of rice cookers, and I started looking into potential candidates. Given the space constraints of my apartment, it was important that the rice cooker do more than just cook rice. As a multi-use gadget, the Instant Pot fit the bill. As part of my pre-purchase review, I started watching a bunch of review videos. In one of those, I noticed a reviewer adding chipotle peppers to a dish – and it looked delicious!

… this led me down a path of reading stuff on Wikipedia, where I made a (for me) stunning discovery: chipotle peppers are just smoked jalapeños.

I’ve spent the first 28 years of my life assuming that chipotles were a mystical variety of pepper, magically imbued with a smokey flavor. Nope.

Moments after learning this, I promptly purchased nearly ten cans worth of peppers from the local Target. I love jalapeños, and have never given chipotles a serious try. My first Instant Pot dish will incorporate chipotles.

side note: my attempt to flee Facebook hasn’t worked out as planned.